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Frequently Asked: Common Inquiries

General / Billing
Question: I want to join PLUS!, does it cost money?
Answer: Welcome to PLUS! We're glad that you have stumbled upon us, and want to become a part of our exciting, growing, community! A membership to PLUS! will cost you some; but, unlike all of our competition, it is super affordable! For less than $15 a month you'll get full, unlimited access, to our entire archive of hundreds of full length videos, thousands of manga and doujinshi, and nearly a hundred thousand images! No gimmicks, no extras, just $15, a price nobody else on the web can compete with. Plus, if you purchase multiple months up front, you'll get an even better deal!
Question: Cool! What payment methods do you accept?
Answer: Payments from all major credit cards are accepted!
Question: Will my information be kept private?
Answer: Of course! We do not share your information with anybody. We will also never e-mail you spam about other websites.
Question: Great! When will my account be setup?
Answer: Your account will be setup automatically within moments of your payment completing. This process can take up to 5 minutes for full access, then you'll be all set, for 30 days!
Question: My account didn't setup automatically, what should I do?
Answer: Very rarely there are some technical problems that could prevent a payment from instantly being processed. Please open a support ticket and a member of our staff will help you out, right away! Please provide us with your confirmation number, or e-mail address so we can look up your payment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay!
Question: How can I check the status of my account?
Answer: You can easily, and quickly, check the status of your account; such as your billing date, or account credits, by viewing your PLUS! Account Status page.
Question: Is anybody eligible to win your prizes?
Answer: Yes! It doesn't matter where in the World you are from, if you are selected as a winner of one of our many great giveaways, you'll be eligible to collect the prize! Good luck!
Question: How do I cancel my account?
Answer: You can cancel your account at any time through the payment processor selected.
Downloads / How to open ZIP files
Question: Are the downloads private?
Answer: Yes! Unlike when you download through BitTorrent, or IRC, your IP address and geographical location are not broadcast to everyone. Our downloads, and your data, are completely secure, and private.
Question: How do I download a file?
Answer: All of our downloads are served over HTTP, directly to your computer. No need for accessing an FTP, just click (or right-click and "Save Target As") on the Download link and your selected download will be served right up to your computer, through the magic of the interweb!
Question: My password is not being accepted!
Answer: If our servers are, for some reason, rejecting your password; please first ensure that your account is active. You can do this on your PLUS! Account Status page. If your account is active, please try to first change your password, this will solve the issue most of the time, within 5 minutes. If that doesn't work, please open a support ticket and we'll fix it right away!
Question: The download link is broken!
Answer: If you come across a broken link, we sincerely apologize! Though we do our very best to insure that everything is working like it should, sometimes some things slip through the cracks! If you find a link that is not working, please open a support ticket and we'll fix it right away!
Question: Is PLUS! compatible with Download Managers?
Answer: Yes! We have tested our system with all major download managers.
Question: Can I make the downloads faster?
Answer: While we use only the most premium of bandwidth, at a state of the art datacenter, occasionally you may be experiencing slower downloads than you would like, either because of a problem with our ISP, or yours. Even if you aren't experiencing problems, it's always a good idea to use a Download Manager such as the free FireFox add-on DownThemAll, which with the right settings can make your download speeds up to 10x faster, by using 10 threads to download a single file. Download managers can also resume broken downloads.
Question: The file is broken!
Answer: It is most likely that your connection with our server was interrupted part way through your download. This happens occasionally, and can be super frustrating! Luckily, there is a way to get around this. By using a download manager such as the free FireFox add-on DownThemAll, you can resume any broken, or partial, downloads without having to re-download the entire file! However, it's also possible the file really IS broken. In which case, please open a support ticket and we'll fix it right away!
Question: How do I open a ZIP / RAR file?
Answer: Some of our files are compressed or archived in a ZIP or RAR file. These can be opened by using a program such as WinRar, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Just download, install, and choose to open the file using this program, and enjoy!
Question: I want to submit a better series synopsis, can I?
Answer: We would be extremely delighted if you wanted to help us out by submitting series synopsises for some of our series that currently don't have one. We'll show our gratitude, and make it worth your while!
Videos / How to Play
Question: Can I play the videos on my Mac?
Answer: Yes! All of our downloads are compatible with any operating system.
Question: So, how do I play AVI, MKV, MP4, and OGM video files?
Answer: Whether you are on a Windows or Mac computer you can play any of our video files by using a media player that supports these formats. We very highly suggest that you use VLC Media Player, which is a free player that supports a wide array of of video formats and CODECS. Alternatively, Windows users can also use Media Player Classic.
Question: Do you offer streams?
Answer: Currently we only offer direct downloads of videos which can be played on your computer. This ensures the very highest quality of video playback, and sound. However, we are working on making a streaming option available.
Question: I'm not seeing anything, but I can hear sound!
Answer: The most common cause of this is a lack of a good CODEC pack. If using one of the recommended players above does not help, we suggest installing the Combined Community Codec Pack which is a simple playback pack for Windows that supports the majority of video formats that are used today.
Question: Can I play the videos on my iPod, iPad, or PS3?
Answer: Some of our videos are encoded in an MP4 format that you can import to iTunes or stream to your PS3 to watch on your TV. We are working on making our entire library compatible, to give you the choice!
Any other questions?
Question: My question wasn't answered here!
Answer: If you couldn't find a quick answer for your question here, we would be glad to help! Just open a support ticket and describe any issue you are having as best you can, and one of our staff members will get back to you ASAP!